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Rylstone, Farm and family

Home again

semi-overcast 23 °C

Today is the travel home to Melbourne day. After yesterday's big adventure's we had dinner at the hotel and fell into bed. The morning is blue sky and crisp air as we bade farewell to Canberra. It was a trip we both thoroughly enjoyed and we will be back to Canberra to haunt our Canberran relatives as there is still more to see and me being a sicko I would like to sit in on a senate day.
The trip was uneventful and before long (8 hours to be precise) we pulled into our drive in Frankston. The car looks like a bug collection depot with the rotten things squished all over the front.
Great trip.


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Rylstone, Farm and family

Canberra capers

sunny 25 °C

Fantastic night last night with Sally Anne, Heath, Anne and Jonny. Good food and company sent the night spiralling away. Our good byes said we stepped into our hotel. The Kurrajong hotel is just up from Heaths workplace and a 10 minute walk from parliament. It has courted many a politician over the years and retains an air of grace about it. Ben Chiffley lived here and he walked to parliament from here. He also died at the hotel.
The whole of Canberra seems to be green with beautiful gardens, trees and landscape that winds through the suburbs.
Old parliament house is awesome in my opinion as the feeling of grandeur as well as beautiful woodwork envelopes you as you walk around. Wandering through the hallways and ducking in and out offices, meeting rooms and chambers leaves you imagining the rough and tumble that would have gone on. The Senate and House of Representatives chambers were rich and inviting with a feeling of power about the rooms. Maybe thats me being whimsical.
The new parliament house is grand and quite spectacular with wood, marble, glass and stainless with portraits of Prime Ministers hanging majestically on the walls. The roof is amazing as you step out of the lift onto a grass court overlooking the forecourt. The view is 360 degrees and provides a good view across Canberra.
We went in and out of the Senate chamber and the House of representatives and could imagine our current crop of politicians squabbling below us (or did I mean arguing for a better Australia)
The gardens of old parliament house are spectacular thanks to Tammy Fraser who in 2002 launched a fund to reinvigorate them.
We then walked around the area and visited the National portrait gallery which was very interesting.
Canberra is quite easy to get around from driving in the morning to Mount Ainsley then around the lake and suburbs to putting the car away and walking in the afternoon.
Dinner at the Kurrajong hotel was excellent and a nice way to finish a busy but enjoyable day.


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Rylstone, Farm and family

From farm to Chaos (oops Canberra )

sunny 21 °C


The last few days at the farm have been fun as well as lay back. Sonia was able to grab a couple of days off so we headed into Mudgee to have lunch with Bruce at a lovely cafe then we headed off to a couple of wineries (minus Bruce who had to work ) A lovely warm afternoon as we sipped the delights of the area. Very quiet as the Melbourne Cup was on. Not deterred we pushed on to the distillery which was closed. A stop back in Mudgee for a delightful mixed berry drink then home.
The nights have been very cool but the days have been very nice ( except the day we tagged the cattle ) with beautiful sunsets across the paddocks. A bit of spotlighting saw a few startled rabbits and I was surprised at the amount of kangaroos and wallabies that scurried all across the land after dark.
The next day saw Sonia head back to the grind so Celeste and I headed into Rylstone for yum cha at number 29. Delicious. We headed back to the distillery and sampled some very fine products. Gin, Myrtle and a butterscotch schnapps. Oh yeah it's a ripper that butterscotch schnapps.
On the way home we hit a roadblock of sheep on the Tongbong road which we slowly picked our way through.
Dinner made on our last night with Sonia and Bruce. And we settled in for a chat and a bit of sofa dozing (from me )
Good byes until next time and we headed off to Canberra which was approx 5 hours. We travelled via Oberon and Goulburn which was a great drive with variety of scenery from woods to grassland to hills. After arriving in Canberra we headed off to the War memorial which was excellent and a search of the memorial wall to find Hugh's name on the roll. It's been a long time since we have been here so a couple of days should give us time to look around.
Anne, Jonny, Heath and Sally Anne are in Canberra and we will catch up with them for a chat and meal which is something we are looking forward to.
Thats it for today

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Rylstone, Farm and family

There is a cow in the yard

sunny 23 °C

Awoke to a loud cacophony of mooing. Looked out the bedroom window to come face to face with the herd wandering over Sonia's garden around the house. Different path of travel I thought. No! Left open gate and Joker the horse and his mates led the cattle through the open gate as Sonia was mustering them. After some reorganizing they were ushered out and into the paddock they were meant to be in.
Breakfast done we headed off to gather fence panels and deliver them to the troughs where the cattle are destined for later today as it cools down. Should be a fun muster with the young ones going in all directions.
A ride was the order of the day after lunch so I headed off on a bike and went to visit the goats and the alpacas that look after them. The weather is warm with a cool breeze gently blowing. A very easy day with relaxing thrown in for good measure

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Rylstone, Farm and family

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Early morning start saw us on the road and heading through Melbourne down the Hume to Albury then off onto the Olympic Highway to Rylstone.
Culcairn for breakfast then on our way. The drive was good until we hit a group of vintage cars tootling along. After a few minutes of hanging back we rounded them up and off we went.
Met Sonia and Bruce in Bathurst at 2 heads Brewery so we could catch up with Hamish who had just haad his first flying lesson. Bye to Hamish and we headed off to Rylstone while Sonia and Bruce took Hamish back to school.
We met at the Globe hotel in Rylstone for tea then Sonia and Bruce headed off before us to clear the kangaroos.
Morning broke and Bruce made porridge for breakfast then out to round up the cattle for tagging, vaccinating and banding of the steers man bits.
71babies and 79 adults through the race and as we were coming to the end the sound of thunder and an impending storm echoed through the valley.
As we were finishing up down came the rain.
Late lunch as the rain continued to fall. A break saw us feed the chooks and give some attention to the duckling that Bruce had reared.
As we were doing this we noticed a heiffer had gone through a fence and was looking for her calf. Bruce went out in the rain and found the errant calf so we loaded the ute up and headed back to the yards to process the little rascal. Done with this we had one more thing to do. Cosmo the sheep that hangs out with the cattle needed shearing so Bruce fired up the combs and did the job.
Lovely dinner of roast lamb and great conversation saw the day come to a close.

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