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Europe was never on my horizons as a place to visit as I love Asia,its people and culture. Years of travel throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and of couse Bali had me comfortably pidgeon holed. Celeste had other ideas and over time we came to the conclusion that it was time to look afield. And so it evolved. Eastern Europe was the final choice after months of maybe Greece, maybe Turkey, Madagascar etc. Budgets set then destinations followed. Where to go was a chess game for a while. Many places looked amazing but when on a budget and a time limit cities and countries were eliminated. The starting point was an easy one as we are meeting two of Celeste's sisters in Paris. After spending 5 days in the city we are taking a tour for 3 days that will follow the journey of their Great Uncle Hugh who was a Soldier in WW1 and was killed during battle and is buried in Meteron,Belgium. Celeste and I will leave Kerry and Katrina after this leg as they are touring England, Ireland and Italy and we will fly to Prague to travel through Eastern Europe. We will finish in Lankawi for a "chill out" before returning home.

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Sonia's birthday bash. Bali 2015

Last day in "Land of smiles"

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Last night we had the best meal of Vietnamese I have had in a long while. Fresh ingredients and crisp flavour. Bo and Bun was the restaurant in Seminyak. After dinner we wandered back to the villa where a dip in the pool was in order. Finishing the Kaluah and beer's was done amidst the mozzies then bed. Breakfast was had then off to the money changer for some last minute things. Celeste was off for her nails to be done and I headed for the DVD shop. Beautiful and hot for our last day. The pool copped a workout as we lapped up the day. Last minute delivery from Donny and dinner then to the airport for our ride home that was after we went back to Bo and Bun for our final dinner for this time in Bali. Great time in Bali with memories made and the fondness for Bali rekindled.

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Celeste's reflection

22 °C


While relaxing on our final day in Kuala Lumpur I decided to throw some thoughts together regarding our outstanding six week journey.
Firstly Turkey. What can I say but remarkable. For nearly three weeks we were introduced to some of the most diverse geography and culture. The proud Turks who we always found friendly and obliging. The wows here were many but the four day Gulet cruise on the Mediterranean and the hot air ballooning in Cappadocia were the two standouts. We were very disappointed to leave Turkey.
On to Venice which is as quintessential as I imagined. Gondola rides and excellent gelati. A magical place.
We hired a vehicle in Milan to get us around for two and a half weeks. The Renault Traffic van was very comfortable. Although the combination of the extra wide van and driving on the wrong side of the road had its challenges.
Lake Como was beautiful and I especially liked Bellagio.
On to Switzerland and WOW! WOW! WOW!. More than I ever imagined. So glad we sucked up the cost......cos Switzerland is expensive!
A stop at Mullhouse France for the National Automobile Museum......not for me.
Rothenburg was delightful. Fairytale like as is the Romantic Road. Well worth the visit.
Next stop Fussen at the other end of the Romantic Road. Unfortunately the weather had begun to change at this point in our journey.
Kufstein in Austria once again was beautiful with amazing scenery but the weather didn't allow us to do all we had anticipated.
German and Austrian border crossings became a nightmare with road blocks causing up to 1.5 hour delays. We think it was due to refugee checks.
Having four days in K.L. has given us all time to catch up on sleep...cos travel is tiring, a small price to pay I know.
So much of this wonderful journey has been added to by my travel companions.
Kerry who tirelessly researches.
Andrew Paparazzi who does manage to get some amazing shots.
Katrina who's food blog often didn't go the way she had anticipated cos she ate the food before photographing it!!
Alain who was always on the hunt for a good coffee.
Finally my nearest and dearest, Peter. Thank you once again for sharing in another wonderful travel adventure.

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Homeward bound

semi-overcast 31 °C
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The kickback time in Kuala Lumpur has been ideal to readjust our time clocks and sleep away the jet lag. K.L. is very vibrant after dark and pumps until the wee hours of the morning. Shopping and walking in the morning has been the way to go as it isn't as busy as the afternoons when everyone wakes up from the night before.
Heading home to our normal life with family, friends and work will be good as I/We are missing the family but in saying that we have had a great time with Kerry, Andrew, Katrina and Alain seeing fantastic countries and sights and meeting new friends.
All in all a rewarding experience and lifelong memories.
Until next time. :)

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A day in K.L.

semi-overcast 30 °C
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Great Hotel. Slept like a log. Alain and Katrina slept so well they nearly missed breakfast. Celeste and I headed for the market precinct while the others did their thing. Quiet in the mornings with few people and traders slow to open. Night time is buzzing though. A few hours at the shops and we had burnt out. We went to the Pavilion, an upmarket shopping complex that had every name under the sun represented. Once finished we had a coffee and back to the hotel for a swim and relax.

The afternoon bought with it a storm complete with thunder and lightening. Dinner was put on hold til 7 to make sure lousy weather was gone. Evening to K.L. tower for the view was waste as the cost to go up tower was ridiculous. Jumped another cab and headed for the Sky Bar at Traders Hotel. 34 floors up with a drink in hand blew the towers away. View was well worth the price of a drink. Dinner was back along eat street. Slow walk home to bed.

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