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semi-overcast 30 °C
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Packed and ready for the trip to Milan was a bit sad but the weather had set in and was good for travelling, overcast, misty and cool.
It was a 5 hour trip and the scenery was amazing as we passed from Austria, into Italy. The mountains with their snowy peaks to the ruggedness of the Italian Dolomite mountains and the green plains of Germany. Tolls, tolls and more tolls as we passed through one country to the next. The Italians were worst as we seemed to stop frequently to pay a toll.
Airport hotel in Milan for the night was excellent. We went for price and locality and very happy with our choice. Dinner at a local restaurant then bed.
Dropped off the beast at Europe car with not too much of an issue other than me going round and round for a bit. Check in for the flight to Dubai, 2 hour layover then back on and head for Kuala Lumpur. All up it is 18 hours.
Arrived Kuala Lumpur in the morning, caught a cab to the Invito Hotel which will be our home for 4 nights. Back to hot weather again. The hotel is very well appointed and comfortable. A nap in the afternoon saw us refreshed and ready to explore. Down to eat street which was close to us for dinner. The later it gets the busier it gets. Public holiday today so a lot of shops closed today. A walk after dinner saw us caught in the rain but still warm and muggy.

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snow -3 °C
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Truck stop in Austria

Truck stop in Austria

Traffic jam

Traffic jam


Cold, wet and drizzly with overcast skies and low cloud cover. Sounds good? The weather finally caught up with us. Today was the day we were going to do the Grossglockner high alpine road but with -3 and snowing we decided against it.
We headed out of town for "Eagles Nest", Hitlers retreat about a 2 hour drive from kufstein. On the way we were stopped by police at a checkpoint. He stuck his head in,smiled and we were through. On the other side though a full on traffic block had the traffic blocked back for Kilometres. Poor buggers!
Arriving at Obersalzberg where you get the bus to "Eagles Nest" it was cold, drizzly and visibility was low. Decision made that you would not get any form of view or satisfaction so we abandoned the idea. There was however a learning centre here that also encased the Bunker that Hitler had built. A museum that traced Hitler from his youth to his suicide. It was in some ways morbid and confronting but it did not colour it up and therefore I think a good learning establishment. The bunker itself was huge and it ran for 6 Klm and covered 22000 square meters. Not all of this is public.
Lunch then back down the mountain. Alain had driven up but Katrina jumped in the seat and off we went. It was good fun as the heckling and advice from the back seat flowed for a while. Kerry had jumped in the other seat and became co-pilot. The weather had not lifted until well down the mountain. Onto the freeway and BAM!! we were caught in the same traffic jam that we had looked at in the morning. 1.5 hours we were caught in the damn roadblock. Worried that they might do a licence check resulted in Katrina relinquishing the drivers seat. Got to the front and waved through. Crazy.
Dinner at the restaurant from last night was another great meal. Early night as we are up early tomorrow for Milan.

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semi-overcast 11 °C
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Kufstein the target for today. Quick breakfast then into the van. Damn! the car park barrier would not let us out. After a regroup and the final attention of the car park attendant we were off.
Roads full of trucks but once again the right hand lane was at a crawl with trucks but the other lanes pretty well running. After about 1 hour we left Germany and entered Austria. It felt like the countryside immediately changed like the leaves turning golden and brown do as seasons change. Hills and mountains reaching skyward with the towns and villages in the valley below.
Once again roadworks coming into town made navigating difficult. Gavinshka going "turn right" road barrier saying "No entry". Eventually with a bit of leg work we found our hotel the Auracher Lochl. Family run hotel down a small alleyway just inside "Old Town". Built in 1409 it's right on the river. It is in the historic alleyway called Romerhofgasse which is renowned for its wine bars.
Settled in and car parked it was a short walk to the Kufstein Fortress. Set imposingly looking over Kufstein it can be accessed by covered walkway or cable car. Built over many years starting in 1205. A very imposing and impressive battlement that over the years has changed hands but kept growing.
Very cool today and the breeze is cold and cutting with grey skies and only the occasional glimpse of blue.
Dinner was across the lane way at a restaurant owned by our hotel. Absolutely fantastic. Celeste and I had a Tyrolean tasting plate that was enough to feed a small army. Others had Ribs and Schnitzel. Great meals by all accounts. Kerry ordered a Souffle, what a piece of art it was. Huge and yummy. 4 people had a go and still it didn't get finished.
Rolled across the road to our hotel.

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Grey day in Fussen

8 °C
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One thing I have noticed is the widespread use of Solar and Wind Turbines in Germany. In some areas paddocks nestled in among the rural setting are full of Solar panels. Wind Turbines slowly turning on the hillsides. How progressive. How I wish the Australian Government wasn't at the behest of big business as we too might one day get our head out of the sand. Rant over..
Fussen in Bavaria is sleepy. After 7 pm and before 11 am it is quiet. No one around many shops shut and getting breakfast is like finding gold. Very overcast, cool and wintry looking and the castles that we had come for were a non event. No point spending the time and money if the result you are looking for is not happening.
The town itself is very touristy with cobblestone roads that are pedestrian only for most of the day ( except yesterday when we drove through the middle looking for our hotel) and cafe's plying for trade ( except in the mornings).
Instead we took a boat trip on Lake Forggensee. It took 2 hours and was relaxing and a good way to see a bit of the surroundings including the castles shrouded in mist. A stop on the way to the boat was a butchers that sold Roast pork and Liebercase rolls. Beautiful and moreish. Yum.
The day remained cool and overcast and after disembarking the boat Celeste and I opted to walk the 2 klm back into town while the Kerry, Katrina, Alain and Andrew took the lake walk back. A rest late afternoon before dinner then off to Kufstein tomorrow.

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Another town another wall

rain 10 °C
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The rain didn't stop last night so we pulled the plug on the Nightwatchman tour until Wednesday night, had a coffee and went to bed.
Next day we headed off to Stuttgard as the weather was still not great. Its a 2.5 hour drive so we got away at 9.00 ( also to beat the parking officer) The trip was uneventful watching the landscape go by. Heavy vehicles are like flies, they are everywhere and courteous. Speed limits are obeyed and they all sit in the one lane unless overtaking. Hundreds of trucks I estimate we passed on the way today.
The showroom/museum of Mercedes Benz was the object of our attention in Stuttgard as Alain and Andrew had a desire to see it. The museum starts on the top floor and spirals downward telling the story of Mercedes down through the years and matching it with cars of the time.
Back home after a long day we had dinner, some had Pork Knuckle and others Schnitzel. 8.00 pm and the weather held so we went on the Nightwatchmans Tour. Very informative about the rise and fall and rise again of Rothenburg.
Next day off to Fussen as this town has Neuschwanstein Castle which is a point of interest as well as the Romantic Road on the way. Diversions on the way meant driving through some very small villages with very small laneways to navigate but very pretty. Dinkelsbuhl was on the list but as we drove through it was a collective "keep going, nnnice but nothing different". So it was, we kept going and after another diversion we ended up in Nordlingen. The chuurch was worth visiting, the wall is in excellent shape and you can walk the entire length ( approx 3.5 klm) of which we did about 1.5 klm. Another wall another Town.
Pushing along we arrived in Fussen in the late afternoon and after seeing the castle perched on the hill shrouded in mist we headed to town to check in.It has got quite cool so maybe woollies tomorrow.

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