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Kusnadi Hotel Legian

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Kadek picked us up about Midday on Wednesday and we bade the staff at Bayshore goodbye and headed for Kusnadi Hotel in Legian.

Back into the hustle and bustle of cars, people and noise. Kadek weaved and dodged as we made our way back into the bustle.

Kusnadi is on Rum Jungle Road and is great for positioning for shopping but a little to noisy and busy for me.The hotel itself seems to be full of regulars and very basic in my opinion. It is clean and the air con works well but I do not think I will be back. In saying this it is a very good price and does appeal to a target audience. The weather has been very humid with rain at night for the last 2 days. The shopkeepers have been saying it has been very quiet lately and they are hoping for a pick up over June/July. Legian does seem to have become grubbier since our last visit and building has increased. Poor Bali! I do hope it doesn't get drowned in progress.

Places to eat and get really good food have increased dramatically and vie for customers. Good pricing is the result.

Overall still a fantastic place to visit with something for everyone combined with pricing to match.

Of course we will come again ( and again ) perhaps straying back to Candi Dasa or afield where it is a bit quieter and leave just enough time to do our shopping in the hustle and bustle.

Til Next time.

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Relaxed at Candi Dasa

sunny 33 °C
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The days have blended nicely as we draw close to our final day at Bayshore Villas. The weather has been very hot with a downpour of rain overnight a couple of times. It was wet and gray yesterday but by mid morning it was back to beautiful skies.

The villa we were in was very nice, tucked at the back of a set of 6 looking across the lawn out to the ocean. The staff are exceptionally friendly and eager to assist. We watched one guy scale up a palm that I estimate was at least 4 stories high with no harness, just a machete hanging out of his pocket and fortune on his side. In the top of the palm he walked around chopping away the dead fronds and sending them to earth. Then the coconuts started to rain down with a thud. Down he came and with job done he cut a few coconuts for drinking for the audience and he was off to the next one.

Restaurants are very nice here and the few that were recommended by John that we tried are very good. Loaf is a little coffee shop just up from Bayshore and is owned and run by 2 Aussie guys which makes great coffee, sandwiches, pies and cakes. It can be said I frequented the place a few times.

It has been very restful here as with not much to do I have read, eaten, drank and swum. it is not a big place with 9 villas of varying size and 7 Bungalows. The grounds are beautifully maintained along with the pools. The Restaurant serves good food at a reasonable price. All in all a terrific stay that I would definitely do again.

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Bayshore Villa's Candi Dasa

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Wowee. This is the best way to sum up the pace difference between Seminyak and Candi Dasa. Bayshore Villas is quite small and very quiet. We are in a villa in a set of 6 and it is very nice. All are separate and intimate but share a common lawned area and pool overlooking the ocean.

The complex is sprawled over beautifully kept lawns and gardens with a main pool in the centre as well as villa pools and a restaurant which does have lovely meals and breakfasts.

Our villa is 1 bedroom with 2 bathrooms, lounge area which includes a table and chairs as well as a small kitchenette. Bathrooms are outside which I love. The staff are friendly and always there with a smile. Nothing is too hard and they are up for a chat when approached. People staying here are very chatty and they tell us that it is very easygoing here hence their continual return for holidays.

Not a whole heap to do here other than relax, swim and soak up the peace and tranquility that it provides. ( Listening to the waves crash on the breakwater as I write )

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Although fairly busy for us the locals said it's quiet. The Villa is a haven to return to after being out shopping or eating. Splash into the pool, grab a drink and all is well with the world.

The days have flown by as we tramped the streets of Seminyak and Legian. Biku for High Tea was a fantastic experience for the princely sum of $12.00 per head. Off to Potato Head for sunset drinks. Bloody hell they rob you blind there but all the young ones go to be seen and spend like there is no tomorrow. Walked the beach to the hotel "W" Sparce, pristine place where once again the place to be seen. Ferrari cars lined up like schoolkids waiting to go into class! Ginger Moon was the place for dinner. Very nice. A slow walk back to the Villa.

We had seen a lot of different areas and restaurants over the past few days which was terrific. Ketut bid us goodbye and we headed off to drop Karl and Jan at Ubud then we headed off to Candi Dasa where we will prop for the next 5 days and chill.Bayshore Villas is quiet and small right on the beach on the edge of town.

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Bali 2016

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Back in Bali for another easy holiday with Jan and Karl. We are at Esha Villa for the next 5 days in Seminyak before Celeste and I head off to Candi Dasa and Karl and Jan go to Ubud.

Already we have travelled a fair bit and been to Sanur, Benoa Beach for Turtle Island, Kuta for glasses Tanalot and then Echo Beach to watch a fantastic sunset while drinking Bintangs and Mojito's.

Eating places already have been hit. La Luciolla, Bo and Bun and Nirvana.

The weather is hot and humid and the building goes on relentlessly. I do hope that Bali does not turn into a Gold Coast.

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